This is a sample of what people in the greater Charlottesville-Albemarle area are saying about Susan White’s skill as a collaborative divorce lawyer:

“This month celebrates the anniversary of my divorce. I am a person with many blessings, not least of which has to do with my financial autonomy. I didn’t realize how important a champion you were with me during the process of developing the property settlement and I now realize that you protected me again and again during the process. I own outright my own home, my car, and have sufficient retirement savings for when I decide to retire. I do hope you are continuing to pursue the collaborative divorce model. While it is not perfect, it certainly educated me and made the whole ordeal transparent and rational. What a difference it made to have you as my advocate.” — L.C.

“I have you to thank for guiding me through a very difficult time and I will always be very grateful. You are the BEST!” — P.K.

“Thanks for shedding light on the process so clearly and with humor, patience and understanding” — R.P.

“As I have said before, you have been my angel through this. I could not have been more fortunate.” — J.H.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your guidance and support as we travel this divorce process together. No matter the twists and turns, your wisdom illuminates the path ahead. Thank you for helping me find that next solid step despite the constatntly shifting difficulties. I am deeply grateful for your assistance.” — Anonymous

“There is no way I can begin to thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family over the last year. Your guidance, patience, understanding and compassion were amazing. You provided a stable foundation in the face of a storm. I thank my lucky stars for having you represent me.” — B.M.

“Thank you, thank you. My ex-husband and I are friends and I don’t know too many people who can say that about their ex-spouse. I refer people to you often and always tell them that the two of you made a terrible situation tolerable and helped C. and I to come out better people in the end.” — T.R.

“The collaborative divorce model ensures that all parties have a chance to make their values and priorities known in a transparent, respectful, and accountable way. As a participant, I found the process to be informative and compassionate, leading to a greater appreciation of all points of view in a much less adversarial environment. Susan (White) gently facilitates this process beginning with negotiation, moving into compromise, and eventually helping the parties involved achieve mutual acceptance in the reconciliation of very difficult financial and personal issues.” — C

“The collaborative process helped us find a dignified path through this difficult process. It allowed us to keep our primary goal, the best interest of our children, front and center. Susan was ALWAYS supportive, understanding and sympathetic, but also firm when necessary. I can’t say enough good words.” — Anonymous

“THANK YOU! I so wanted to be independent and have nothing to do with [my partner] as quickly as possible from the monetary side, but thank goodness for your experience, gentleness and tenacity in convincing me otherwise! It would have been a rough last few years if it had gone my way.” — J.M.