Separation 101: Money

In the absence of legal advice is, if there is concern about the availability of funds, one party may be tempted to drain all the existing joint accounts and put all the funds in a separate account.  While it might be prudent to take some money out of a jointly held account and start a separate one, it would be unwise to drain all accounts.  Even though  perfectly legal, it would be extremely adversarial and might push the parties into court before there was an attempt to settle matters out of court.

The same holds true with regard to insurance policies — life, health, auto, and home owners.  To take a spouse off of a health insurance policy when there is no other coverage might be legal.  But if you end up in court, the Judge would not be happy with someone who had exposed the other party to medical bills that would otherwise have been covered.  The same holds true for automobile and homeowner’s policies.

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